Contributions Manager: Belvina Burt
Tel: 441-297-7718


Every employed or self-employed person who works more than four (4) hours a week is required to pay contributions into the CPF.


  • Students who work during periods of vacation or public holidays may be exempted from paying contributions upon application by their employer to the Director of Social Insurance
  • Persons who earn less than $3,000 per year may apply for exemption.
  • Widows/ers are not required to pay their contribution while in receipt of a benefit.
  • Non-residents are not required to pay into the CPF if they work for a period of less than 26 consecutive weeks in Bermuda.
  • Exceptions are not automatic; an application to the Director is a requirement.

Voluntary Contributions

Persons ordinarily resident in Bermuda may apply to pay voluntary contributions into the CPF.